Thursday, December 08, 2005

World Behind the Glass

This is the re-incarnation of my public blog at Adobe, since I am no longer with them.

Watch this space as I try to migrate postings here and then create new ones from here on out



Uncontent said...


Why did you leave Adobe?

There are rumours that there will be some cuts in personel because of the Macromedia merger.

Is your exit from Adobe related to Macromedia merger?

Will said...


I have put a guess point of view

Briefly I think Adobe is over as in Postscript and PDF. They have traded it in for an animated web.

Not sure about this of course but it as a current assumption.

Not that there won't be a lot more in slow motion.

Netpdf said...

Hi Bill,
Would like to brainstorm on ideas?
Looking to get in touch


Bill McDaniel said...

Yes, I was laid off as a result of the macromedia acquisition closing. I'm very sorry to go as I was looking forward to working with the MM folks as they add some interesting innovation to Adobe.

The vision crafting work and trending work I was doing was fascinating and I hope they will use the results that I helped build. Unfortunately, my more formal position of technological project manager was eliminated along with the projects I was managing for the Advanced Technology Lab.

I hope Adobe will expand the concept of PDF into something that encompasses the animated web as you call it. They have an excellent opportunity to find the correct blend of classic PDF-style documents and the new world of Flash style documenting that is emerging.

Bill McDaniel said...

I would love to brainstorm...I'm at if you want to email me some contact info


Will said...


Thanks for your comment.

I am thinking about PDF containing animation etc. as PDF 2.

I still think there is a large part of the original Adobe project that is now complete - Postscript, PDF for documents, representing paper on the web.