Monday, May 08, 2006

Whoa Dude? How'd I wake in Hospital?

What a bizarre two weeeks

  1. Went to Galway. Great meetings, great people. Felt great all dat friday as I wandered Galway looking at shops and such.
  2. boarded for worries
  3. Laid over in Dublin for a shot time, then boarded for the US
  4. Laid over in CHicago for 5 hours. took shower,had dinner, felt great
  5. boarded for SJC
  6. 3/4 through the filght I start feeling like I'm being buzzed or something, then less and less well, then really sick
  7. Land, stagger, barely able to breathe, off the plane and into car home
  8. Chills, fever of 102.3 (44.7 to the world citizens aout there), nausea, the works!
  9. Clears by the end of the firrst full 24 hours
  10. Can't to sleep as hour after hour pain builds in right lobe of back
  11. Spend all day Monday trying to get ready for AOL visit
  12. Cancel visit at 10am...i am too sick
  13. pain clears at 12noon...I have rescheduled for wed just in case however
  14. Walk to McDonald's with my wife fir sime errands, exercise, and lunch
  15. Start getting worse on way back
  16. Can't breathe and am in intense pain by 5pm
  17. Head for emergency roon at 5
  18. Have prelim diagnosis of pneumonnia by 10pm and am admitted by 12
  19. Have been here since May 1...feeling better

Two tired for rest of story right now...will blog more tomorrow