Monday, July 17, 2006

Superman Returns

So here I am, hanging out in Galway

It's been a busy month here, but the new job is working out great and I have an apartment, (which overlooks Rusheen Bay, by the way and is exquisite) and I have settled in almost completely. Of course, I still have to go back to San Jose and finish crating and freighting.

But today I am insomiac, it's 3.30 am, and it's been a quiet, uncomplicated Sunday. So I'm writing this.

This afternoon I went out to see Superman Returns.

WOW. This is one of the best movies I have seen this year. The story is solid, the acting is excellent and Kevin Spacey makes a scary Lex Luthor.

But mostly I was impressed with the serious way the film dealt with what it means to be Superman. And the fact that the writers and director did not cop out and take the predictable characterizations and plot lines.

So, when characters act in unexpected ways and the plot develops along lines that are not as stagnantly predictable as most films these days, I am impressed.

I'm not sure I care for Routh in the part, however. His acting is fine but he looks odd for Superman...he has features that are too heavy and sharp. However, he is reminsicent of Chris Reeve and that seems to have been a plus for him.

So I definitely recommend seeing this is solid and outstanding.

On other fronts, Galway is very beautiful. Recently the weather has been sunny and fair and warm. I'm learning where things are and what's available. Finally got the right bed in the apartment. I'm finding costs a bit higher than Dallas, but lower than San Jose.

Running the gauntlet of officaldom has been the biggest challenge...trying to get work permit, bank account, debit card, pin for debit card (was sent to california by mistake) and online access (pin also sent to california) has been the biggest frustration, but those are finally sorting themselves out. I await one more magic number from the formal officialdom of Ireland and then I think I am completely installed.

Even the Irish joke about how long things take in Ireland and how everything takes longer than you expect. The 4pm movie today didn't start the projector until 4.15. But all things come to those who wait.

From a standpoint of work, I am enjoying the challenge of setting up and growing our eLearnign Cluster. We have openings for several post and pre docs and we have some interesting labs being set up to facilitate research. These include a computer/human interface lab, a mobile and multi modal device lab and potentially a psychology lab to study why people do not jump at elearning opportunities. I already have an ePedagogy, Semantic infrastrucutres, development , and business analysis lab set up and staffed.

My goal is to really grow our cluster into one that suports a wide variety of elearning research initiatives which a robust de velopment group transforms into deliverable technologies. So far, I've met with nothing but support from everyone here.

Take care everyone...i'll writed later