Friday, April 07, 2006

Been a busy month

Let's see, what's been going on.
Came down with a terrible two week cold around the middle of March...just in time for my meeting with IBM.

Found some really interesting consulting to do. It dovetails nicely with the FrankenFilm concept. Can't say much about it yet, but keep an eye on the FrankenFilm site; new developments will most likely show up there.

Had a wonderful time visiting IBM's Alamden Research Center to present thoughts on self adapting content and the future of computing surfaces. I am becoming more and more interested in these ideas I am formng about new computing surfaces...beyond desktops and tablets.

Will be going off to Galway again soon to talk to the folks at DERI. That is a very interesting group and they are exploring some of the most fascinating semantic web ideas out there.

I've included a photo Gavin Mckenzie found of a bunch of us at the Intl Semantic Web Conference we attended last year...otherwise entitled Geeks!

Gavin on the left in the rear, me on the right, everyone else were folks gathered around a powerpoint we all shared...geeks indeed!

So, a busy month!
Got through my patent submission and did some more work on FrankenFilm but it needs more work before it is ready.

Need to get patent work on it finished soon too.

Guess I have to do taxes soon...getting close to deadline time.

That's it for the moment. Been raining cats and dogs here in San Jose, but that's supposed to clear up by mid April. Hope so, I didn't move out here for the rain!